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The desire to teach something to someone is one of the rare traits that has stuck with me since my childhood. Even to strangers who ask me for directions, I go as far as drawing a map on paper. When I started working as a university lecturer, the person who was most pleased was my little sister. She thought that since I'd be teaching students at the university, I would not be teaching her anything when I got home, and thus she would be able to relax. She was wrong. To avoid giving her the opportunity to be taught, explained to, or shown anything, she moved 100 km away. Now, I've decided to teach here to bother you. You cannot escape from me! I love you all.

In this section, I will specifically share about subjects like statics, structural analysis, and building materials for architecture students. I will start from scratch. My target audience is architecture students. If you also want to understand structures better and you haven't received any training on statics and similar subjects before, you can join us. If you are already studying civil engineering, have completed a master's or PhD in the field of civil engineering, are currently working as a professor at a university, or are a 30-year veteran structural engineer, what I will explain here may bore you, but I am still looking forward to your critiques.

Speaking of criticism, I need to underline this: even though what I will explain is not subjective, my way of expression is. Not everything I say may be true. I don't know everything. I'm just explaining what I know. If you correct me, I'd be happy. I love all constructive criticism.

Another issue is this: what I explain, draw, and write here are parts of a personal project. It does not involve the institution I work for. If you like me very much, send the flowers to me, not to my institution. Similarly, direct your critiques to me.

So, let's get started.

Due to the infrastructure of my website, I will categorize the content as below. If you want to see content other than educational content, I recommend the SiteMap page.