I'm getting ready for my trip to Zurich and, let me tell you, it's a bit like going on an adventure. I've got a bunch of questions, and I'm having a blast finding the answers. It's like playing Mario – every answer feels like a step closer to saving the princess.

So, I want to share some cool sources I've found helpful. This list will keep growing, and I promise to tell you about all the new stuff I discover.

Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Switzerland

Let's start with YouTube channels, super useful if you're thinking about moving to Zurich or Switzerland:

Top Pick: ArbeitenSchweiz

Lohncomputer & lohnanalyse
🎬 Willkommen bei Lohncomputer & Lohnanalyse 📊 Jedes Jahr wandern mehrere tausend Menschen aus Deutschland in die Schweiz aus. ➡️ Niedrige Steuern und eine besonders hohe Lebensqualität sind nur zwei von vielen Gründen. Die Berechnung des Lohns ist hingegen für Zuwanderer schwierig und berücksi…

This channel is my go-to for all the technical stuff. It helped me with everything, from dealing with official paperwork to setting up a Swiss bank account. I recommend it, especially if you're moving from Germany to Switzerland. Big thanks to them!

Second Fav: Claudia and Jan

Claudia and Jan
Hi! We’re Claudia and Jan, an international couple passionate about personal growth and living abroad. Welcome on board! ¡Hola! Somos Jan y Claudia, una pareja internacional de Alemania y España. Nuestra pasión por los viajes, los idiomas y el crecimiento personal nos ha llevado a vivir por todo e…

Claudia and Jan are a lovely couple! Their videos, especially the ones with real people on the streets, give great insights into life in Zurich. If you want a firsthand look and hear from locals, check out this channel.

Last but not least: Auswanderluchs

Christian der Auswanderluchs
Mein Name ist Christian-Philipp Pohl. 2016 habe ich meine deutsche Heimat verlassen und bin in die Schweiz ausgewandert. Grund hierfür war die Liebe. Ich betreibe diesen Kanal, um dir die Möglichkeit zu geben, dich über ein Leben in der Schweiz als Einwanderin/Einwanderer zu informieren. Seit mitt…

Christian answers questions for folks thinking about settling down in Switzerland. Give it a follow!

How to find an Apartment in Zurich?

Renting an apartment in Switzerland

Now, onto house hunting websites – a big deal when you're moving:

Flatfox: https://flatfox.ch/c/en/

My favorite for finding a place. I'm still figuring it out, but Flatfox is easy to use, and it won't cost you a dime. Give it a try!

Homegate https://www.homegate.ch/en

This one's a popular site in Switzerland and my top recommendation. Homegate is where I look, and I think you should too if you need a place.

Moving / Relocating to Zurich - Everything you need to know

ETH Zurich Welcome Center

Welcome Center

This is a friendly page for students and academics arriving from abroad. It's been a treasure trove of info for me, neatly organizing all the important stuff. Highly recommended for anyone heading to Zurich.

Keep an eye out for more updates on this fun journey. Until then, happy exploring!


#1 - Story Behind - Moving to Zurich
Why am I moving from Germany to Switzerland? Join me on this journey!

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