Finding a studio apartment or a shared flat in a city like Zurich is never easy! It was clear to me from the beginning. It is even more complicated if you are not already in the city. Just like me! Thankfully, we have the Internet and some platforms for finding a place (check my last post below).

#2 - Get ready for moving to Zurich
Check these sources before you move or relocate to Zurich. Everything you need to know before moving to Switzerland.

In this post, I want to share what I've been up to in the past two weeks and give you an update on my situation.

Firstly, I signed up with the Housing Office of ETH Zurich. It's a place where students and academics from ETH Zurich and from other universities in Zurich look for places to stay. You can only sign up if you're studying, working, or planning to do so at ETH Zurich or at any of these universities.

Housing Office of University / ETH Zurich

I signed up with my contract (it's a must; you have to show your enrollment or acceptance, etc.). Of course, I didn't share personal and important info from my contract.

I posted an ad about myself and what I'm looking for, and I set up notifications for daily updates. The platform is helpful, secure, and the application process is quick. So, right now, the Housing Office is my main platform.

I also use FlatFox. I registered, set up notifications, and get daily updates. I've applied for several apartments/shared flats.

I like FlatFox because it's user-friendly. You can see where the apartment is on a map. It's a nice platform!

As I mentioned, I applied for several places and got responses each time.

Once, I almost got a room. There was a room free in a shared apartment. The current tenant planned to leave Zurich for a while and rent his room. Three guys live in the apartment, so the other two guys also had to agree. They invited me to a video call. We had a nice 15-minute chat. Everything was good, but they chose someone else. I got good vibes from them, though. It didn't work out, but we wished each other well. Guy, wish you the best! Maybe you read my blog.

In summary:

I've made some progress in finding a place in Zurich. Everything's under control, and I'm feeling positive.

How to write an application letter?

When no specific info is needed, I always write respectfully, honestly, and directly. Think about the person reading your letter. Your words have power! Your text shows your intention, and people can feel it. So, being respectful, honest, and direct is the best way.

One more thing: make the reader feel secure. It's like buying online. You buy from places you know. Even if some sellers are cheaper, you don't buy from them. Your feelings guide you. That's why I always refer to my Instagram and this website. So they can check that I'm a real person with real interests. No one wants to share their place with someone not joyful, not clean, not reliable, etc.

I hope these tips help. Please let me know your thoughts.

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