The new year started faster than planned. For the new year, we were in London and could stay at my dear friends M&R (Thank you for hosting us!) After having a lovely time in London, I wanted to use my holiday to discover Zurich for the first time in person and check some future accommodation options (flats, rooms) that I had already applied for.

In London, the weather was not optimal – cold, cloudy, and rainy. We walked a lot, over 12 km per day! When I got back home to Berlin, my body was not fit; I already felt cold. If I could go back in time, I would cancel the trip to Zurich. But I drove to Zurich – by car! It would have been much smarter if I took the train at least!

Anyway, the adventure started. It was afternoon when I arrived in Zurich. Dark. Same weather as in London! While I had limited time there, I started to discover the city. But there was a big problem: Parking!

Parking in Zurich

If you are neither registered in Zurich nor have your parking, then you are in big trouble. In the city center, parking is almost impossible, and parking fees are costly. If you are reading this post and planning to visit Zurich by car, think twice! Use public transportation; it works amazingly in Switzerland.

Somehow I found free parking, then I started to discover the city at night. It was lovely! Being in a new city, discovering, dreaming. Even though the weather conditions were not the best, I enjoyed my short "being a tourist" mode.


Next day I started earlier. I wanted to see more and do as much as I could. The first thing I did on the next day was checking another flat on the top of a small skyscraper! I met H. (probably my future flatmate!) and he showed me the flat. I loved his energy, his attitude, and I loved the apartment. We agreed that I would take the room. I decided very fast because my stomach and heart led me, and the decision was easy!

After the big decision, I ruled out all other options and tried to discover the city! Physically, I was not in good shape. I should have taken a rest on that day, but I did not! It was a mistake. Anyway, I was in the city, walking the whole day.

To take a breath and to observe the people, I visited the famous ODEON Cafe Bar (following a recommendation). ODEON is my first Cafe Bar in Zurich, but it is already my favorite place! Imagine a place, where already visited by Einstein, Lenin, Stefan Zweig, Mata Hari... I will visit this place at least once a month. It was a nice experience to watch people while drinking the most expensive beer I ever paid for. Anyway, if you want to meet me coincidentally in Zurich, I will be there.

After observing people with Swiss-made watches, I visited the old town with my last energy, and that was the highlight! I loved the old town!

On that night, something quite cool happened. I stayed overnight at H.'s flat. The story behind: As I met H. in the morning for checking the flat, he asked me where I am going to stay overnight. I told him that I did not organize it yet. Then he offered me to spend the night there! A kind of test! I accepted his generous offer! So I spent the night there! Dear H., thank you!

Then party hard mode started! Although I got a very comfortable bed, a super room, I could not sleep because of having a strong sore throat. I was unable to sleep well. I coughed the whole night. I didn't intend to disturb H. So it was not an easy night. Had a fever too!

In the morning, I tried to be as silent as possible and left the apartment while H. sleeps. Physically, I was terrible, had a fever and a hardcore sore throat with a combination of headaches. I should have canceled my ride to Berlin, but I could not! Such a big mistake! But I had to... I can only say one thing about my drive from Zurich to Berlin: it was the worst day of my life in terms of physical stress. Worst driving experience. I was almost crying because of the pain. The fever was unbearable; I was shaking because of feeling cold but at the same time sweating! Anyway, enough drama. I arrived home safely and jumped into bed. Just to understand how hard it was: I picked up my luggage three days after I arrived home! Three days long, I was in bed!

Let's sum up my top impressions:

  • Everything is punctual! People! Transportation! Everything!
  • The city is safe. You feel it. After Berlin, Zurich felt good (in terms of safety).
  • Public transportation works perfectly!
  • Everywhere radars! Everywhere! EVERYWHERE!
  • People drive a bit strangely. I cannot describe it. I need to get used to it.
  • I don't need to say it, but just for records: everything is expensive.
  • People are fit! I did not see overweight people! That is cool.
  • Quality is the major priority! Almost for everything!

The whole adventure was a bit crazy. In the end, I would say: it was worth it. Dear H. prepared the contract for the accommodation, and if everything works, we will sign it in the next days. I am positively excited. The story just began!